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Worktables, Sinks and Accessories

We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call or stop by for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.

Heavy Duty Melamine NSF

Melamine plates Heavy Weigth White or Tan

10 in. Dinner Plate $29.95 dz 9 in. Dinner Plate $24.45 dz 7 in. Dessert plate $18.70 dz

Melamine Oval Platters White or Tan

14.5 in Oval Platter $57.00 dz 12.0 in Oval Platter $33.25 dz 10.0 in Oval Platter $22.50 dz

Melamine Nappies White or Tan

16 oz Nappie $23.95 dz 15 oz Nappie $15.55 dz 10 oz Nappie $17.95

Melamine Bowls White or Tan

22 oz Bowl $29.95 dz 30 oz Bowl $32.45 dz 45 oz Bowl $49.95 dz

Melamine Fruit Dish White or Tan

5 oz or 4oz $12.95 dz

Melamine Cups White or Tan

8 oz Stacking cup $19.75 dz

Melamine bouillon cups White or Tan

8 oz Bouillon Cup $11.95 dz

Melamine Saucers White or Tan

5.5 in Saucers $15.75 dz

Extra Heavy Duty Ramekins Bone

3 oz Smooth $10.95 dz 2 oz Smooth $8.95 dz 1.5 oz Smooth $7.20 dz